Casino Etiquette — What You Should Know and What You Need to Do

No matter if you’re a slot enthusiast or some table games devotee, we’re positive you have noticed people from the casinos that you have been at, that act in a particular way. If you would like to be accepted as a serious gambler (and yes, this type of thing undoubtedly exists) and not just some newbie that wants to spin the wheel, then you will want to understand how to act properly and to adhere to the casino manners, whether you’re about the blackjack table or about the roulette one.


General Casino Rules and Gambling Etiquette

Hypothetically, you can enter a casino for the first time, all on your own, and act in such a manner that no one notices you are a newbie. Yet, it’s highly unlikely. Ironically, brick and mortar casinos are a bit daunting the first two or three visits. Besides, there are a few unwritten rules on how best to act and when someone breaks them, they seem as though they do not belong. To make things easier on yourself, Take a Look at these points, which underline the main rules of casino etiquette:

  • Be considerate. You are there to have fun and, if you are not succeeding, you should not take it out to the casino team or other players.
  • Do not give money to the dealer. Instead, place it on the table. He will take it and hand you the various number of chips.
  • You’d like a drink? There is no need to visit the bar. Signal the host or hostess and they will bring you drinks, some of which will be on the home. Be certain to tip your waiter or waitress and they will keep coming back. But do not put the drinks on the table.
  • Do not use your phone on the table. If you will need to talk or text, then step away from the table.
  • Do not take too much time making a choice. Respect the other players at the table as well as the dealer.
  • Do not touch your chips as soon as you set them on the table. There is no changing your mind at the last minute — that is cheating.
  • Do not sit at a desk if you are not going to bet. If you want to see a friend play, stand behind them. Chairs are for players only.
  • Tipping isn’t mandatory, even though it would be appreciated. How much you’re likely to trick is subjective — you can tip as little or as much as you wish but there are particular criteria, therefore it would be sensible to pay attention to what is happening at your table. By way of instance, in US poker tournaments a typical tip is 3%.

All these tips, we have to say, are only quite basic gambling manners. Don’t imagine you will magically become a James Bond or Daniel Ocean. Still, they’ll help you a lot. The traders will have no reason to hate you and, trust us on this one, you’ll have a much better experience!

Casino Tipping Etiquette

Among the very first things that gamers preoccupy about is the tipping. In regards to casino tipping etiquette, there’s absolutely not any rounded number that you must give to the trader. Typically, it depends on many things. Like for instance, the limits on the table where you’re sitting. If you’re playing #5 to #50, nobody expects you to tip the dealer with #50. But if you’re all the way up into the high-roller tables and you play #500-#5000 per hand, it is going to be just ridiculous to leave a pound. For the United Kingdom, it’s accepted that you give around 10-15% of the quantity of your buy-in.


Roulette is simple to play and it is most likely the next thing after slot machines that a newbie should try when it comes to simplicity. However, even if you simply wish to place a single bet on a straight number, you may hit a wall in case you are not aware of some basic rules. Imagine you opt for a busy table with a bunch of seasoned players and there you aren’t sure what you’re doing in any way. Listed below are our tips for should you approach the roulette table and you also wish to follow the gambling etiquette:

  • Request blackjack chips on linking the table these are special chips that aren’t colored in accordance with their value. The color is used only to distinguish between the processors of different players.
  • Put down your chips in a neat pile when setting a bet. Do not throw them! If you can’t get to the place, ask the dealer to put them.
  • Cash in your chips before leaving the table. You can not use roulette chips everywhere in the casino.


Everybody loves blackjack — it is the world’s favorite casino game. Besides, as a result of the many movies and film scenes we have seen, lots of individuals think that they know how to play it, what to do, and what not to do. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and sometimes pictures portray things intentionally (or not) incorrectly. We’re not going to really go into detail about it here are only a few pointers if you’re looking for a match of 21 as well as the blackjack table manners you must follow:

  • Ask if you may join the table. That is common courtesy. It may not matter to you but a new player joining the table may prove a turning point in the otherwise rewarding game of the other players at the table.
  • Learn the right-hand gestures to indicate the dealer if you would like another card or in the event you want to pass. A misunderstanding might lead to a losing hand for you and, if this occurs, it would be your fault.
  • Touch your cards when appropriate. At many casinos, you are not permitted to touch the cards, it’s a fundamental blackjack etiquette principle, while others you may touch specific cards in certain conditions. By way of instance, when choosing to double down, you might be permitted to split the cards or you might need to just place two different bets and so allow the dealer to know your intentions.


Craps is particularly popular with parties. Among the reasons for this is the fact that, unlike other games, it promotes socializing and allows for a whole lot of interaction. If in other games you are not permitted to touch anything on the table and are needed to keep your opinion to yourself, here players become a shooter — and occasionally in the event, you help somebody win big when throwing the dice, they may also give you a hint — and, also, they get to promote one another by cheering and commiserating respectively. Still, there’s a suitable casino etiquette for the sport that you must attempt to follow.

  • Decide how much you need to buy in for ahead and do not waste the time of everyone at the table.
  • Make your wager while the dice are in the center, not when they are in front of the shooter because that is a late bet.
  • Do not stick out your hands while the dice are in the air because if the dice hit your hands, that would count as a poor toss.


Poker is a game that is simple, which is played when folks show no emotions, thus the poker-inspired idiom poker face. But while bluffing is a significant part of the card game, it’s named in the poker table that some people decide to create a spectacle — discuss their hands, make assumptions concerning other gamers’ hands, give unwanted information, etc. You’ve got a fantastic hand or you have just snatched the pot and you need to gloat? Not very classy. But there is more. Let us have a look.

  • Do not splash the pot, i.e. do not throw your chips into the pot when you bet, call or raise since it confuses the other players and the dealer. Rather, place your chips in a neat stack in front of you.
  • Don’t talk about a hand or respond to it while the game is still on and do not show your hand even after you are out. That may even be thought of as a fraud.
  • Do not take your time when your hand was called. That’s known as a slow roll and is a good illustration of unsportsmanlike behavior. Whether you’re positive that you have the winning hand or not, just table it.

The Live Casino

Now, in comparison with conventional land-based casinos, the live casino is free of rules. After all, you are at home, entirely anonymous to other players and the traders, although the casino has a record of who you are and your bank details, so don’t forget that. In any case, at online casinos, you can get incredible bonuses. For your convenience, the majority of the principles of good behavior we’ve mentioned aren’t applicable. By way of instance, you could not touch the cards even if you wanted to. Moreover, you can not splash the pot at poker or put your chips in the wrong place. Additionally, you can’t be too early or too late to put a bet, simply because those wouldn’t be approved by the system. Additionally, you can respond to your hand and be as loud as you like — but that is only in your own house.

However, do not transfer those feelings into the chat window, which can be made accessible by many live platform suppliers. Though you are anonymous, remember your good manners and do not take advantage of the fact that the trader is there at work and they must read whatever stupid thing you would opt to post in the conversation. Don’t be impolite and, by all means, do not use swear words — you would be amazed at the obscenities which may be seen at a few of the games’ chats.

It’s also simply impolite to continuously write, occupying both the dealer and the other players. Do not write in capital letters only — that is rude and is typically accepted as ‘text yelling’, let us say. And always keep in mind that the dealers don’t have any control over the cards which are coming your way, the same as in a normal brick and mortar place, thus you shouldn’t blame them take it out on them. The rules are pretty straightforward and simple and, according to all of us (a lot of experienced gamblers), it’s only about good education while playing.