What is bad for my sex drive?

Sexual drive:

Sexual drive is an important emotional as well as physical need of the body. Many divorces are the result of the bad sexual experience with the spouse. So, it is important to know about it. It is required by the spouses to know about the important things in sexual experience.

Food is important:

Here we are going to discuss the food and diet which affects the sexual drive. The food is one such thing which has an effect on all of the body. It is because there is a popular ancient saying that “your health is dependent 90% on what you eat”. If you are eating good food then your body will defend itself from harmful diseases.

Only fulfill the need:

But at the same time, it is important to eat only according to the requirements. Eating more than your needs will increase your weight and it will cause the body to become obese. Obesity is one of the primary causes of a bad sexual drive.

Are there some food items which are bad for a sexual drive?

There are some food items which are not good for the sexual drive. Such items must be eaten in only limited quantities if they are having any benefit otherwise they must be avoided. By eating them you may feel problem in having a good sexual experience with your spouse.

Food items having a negative effect on libido:

Here we are going to discuss those food items which are having a negative effect on your sexual drive. Let’s discuss them and their bad effects:

1: Processed food items:

Processed food items are those which are prepared in the factories. Different chemicals are used in their manufacturing. These chemicals are not much worse for the whole body. But they lower the level of hormones. One such example of processed food is Bread. Bread is not considered good for the libido.

During manufacturing, bread loses nearly 75% of the zinc content in it due to manufacturing. Zinc is an important nutrient required by the sexual system. Hence, it lowers the libido. Bread also increases the chance of getting diabetes. Diabetes itself is a harmful disease having a bad effect on a sexual system.

2: Packed popcorns:

Popcorns prove to be a good munching partner while watching movies. But the bad news is that it lowers the libido. There is a chemical content used in the manufacturing of the popcorn bags. The chemical enters the popcorn and we ingest it with popcorns. Hence, it results in the lowering of libido in men. In a longer run, the chemical may cause some other harmful diseases to the body as well.

3: Alcohol:

Alcohol is really bad for the human body because it destroyed the sexual drive and directly affected on the liver. Thus, the liver purified the alcohol in the blood. Through this process human’s liver badly damage. In fact, Alcohol also the reason for decreasing the sexual power. According to, you will find many reviews about the best recommendation of removing the sexual problem in the male.