A Guide to the Different Kinds of Online Casino Players

We believe you are one of those people who like to see the online casino every once in a while (or more frequently, we do not judge) to only look around, play with a few cards or spin a slot. You win sometimes, other times you lose, and you’re trying your best not to break your computer — it happens to the best of us! But have you ever thought about how you look like while playing? Or have you noticed how others play? In this guide, we will break down the 7 distinct kinds of online casino players so be ready to relate.


1.) The Newbie

This is a super clear one but still — there’s always at least one newbie in the online casino! This is the individual that tries to be super friendly with everybody and plays it cool when he/she does not understand what’s happening. Appears super savvy when it comes to gameplay and stakes but in the meantime, you notice how he puts stakes in the very last minute and asks several dumb questions in the live chat. When you understand that the newcomer is super confused and you are suddenly very confident that you will win — bam! — he/she wins! Delightful! Newbie in online casino? Here’s what you need to know about Casino Etiquette.

2.) The Old Dog

The absolute opposite of the newcomer — the older dog! Typically a man in his early 40-ies or 50-ies, probably a very cocky person who has a sharp sense of humor, understands all of the magician’s tricks and destroys all of the fun for other players! He’ll judge you, he’ll take all of your money and will show you that he is not playing any games (hahahaha…okay, we’ll stop here). And in the long run, he will be the best person you’ll meet on the table. Why? Because he’s most likely the only one that actually knows how things are done! Learn from individuals like him!

3.) The Black Cat

We know there are a good deal of animal references happening, but just bear with us (can not stop pun-ing!)! Thus, you probably know what we mean with a black cat — that is right, bad luck or no luck whatsoever! This is probably one of our favorite online gambler types for many reasons. One, because this individual simply does not have any luck in games — always wins, always puts the wrong bets, it is like he’s cursed. Secondly, and most importantly, regardless of all that, this individual does not give up and keeps on playing and visiting in the online casino! Props to that!

4.) The Cheap Thrill

We love Sia — she is definitely an excellent singer and writes great songs like this. But the cheap thrill individual is a different story! This is the man (or woman) that will annoy you 100% in a match because he/she is only a cheapster. You can see their excitement and their confidence when playing, but everything is destroyed as soon as you examine their stakes and see that they are under a pound. Another very related expression for these people is ‘play safe’ or ‘I am just checking’. Regardless, these people still have fun and don’t do any harm to other gamers, so we tolerate them!

5.) The Phantom

Oh, another participant! Hi, how are…Oh, he’s gone. Oh wait, he came back! WA Guide to the Different Kinds of Online Casino Playerselcome to…Oh, gone . Sounds familiar? Well, he’s nothing to do with the popular stunt, but he’s a frequent guest at casino tables! This is the individual that pops up unexpectedly in the desk, looks around and then disappears. The Phantom never puts stakes, never or rarely participate in live chat conversations and…never really plays! Sounds bizarre, seems mysterious and odd, but it is quite fun, to be honest. The random appearance and evaporating of the man or woman is a terrific conversation starter and a terrific way to distract others when placing bets.

6.) The Angry Parrot

Or, ‘The Drama Queen’. Now, this one is a natural disaster! This is the individual that plays relatively well but still loses sometimes. And if he does shed, you exit the game as fast as possible! The Angry Parrot will get angry, will begin yelling on the microphone (if there’s an opportunity) or/and will write all in CAPITAL in the live chat. Why a parrot? Because this individual can’t stop repeating how he lost in the game, the way the dealer can not do his job correctly and will probably cuss like a pirate. Yikes! Do not be that person!

7.) The Chill Pill

Lastly, the Chill Pill. This is the sort of person all of us should be! The Chill Pill is having the time of his/her lifetime — pops in at a random match, plays a little bit, he/she might win or may lose, but he/she does not give a care in the world. These people are so relaxed and happy when playing that we believe that they may have had some of the buddy’s special cake (you understand). However, it’s really fun to be in a match with these people since they’ll always discover the sun behind the cloud and we enjoy them a lot!

There You Have It!

That is all we’ve got for you now! I hope you find this article as fun as we do since we still get the giggles when reading it repeatedly. We are aware that we listed 7 kinds of online casino players, but we cannot neglect to mention the main one — you! Ironically, each player is different, there could be several different types that we have missed purposely or not, but after all, you’re the main player, since you’re the one which chooses who you need to be in the game, and that is superb! Are you a risky or a somewhat balanced participant? Pick the online slot with just the ideal volatility in our distinctive slot volatility article. Meanwhile, consider which one of the kinds of players listed in our post would you understand? Prove this to a friend, have a great laugh and revel in playing in the casino, but responsibly!a large give away regarding if a casino online is fake or not.