Assisted Living with medical Marijuana for Seniors Having Glaucoma

Assisted living for those seniors affected by Glaucoma could be a tough task. Extensive researches in this filed have revealed certain interesting facts about Glaucoma in old age. Observable symptoms have been weakening of optic nerves, irreversible loss of vision and total blindness. Glaucoma can be categorized into multiple types. Two of the most common types are angle closure and         open angle. The first type is caused by high molecular pressure within the eye region. The blocking of fluid drainage due to friction between the Iris and parts of the eye can result in vision loss. The second type is                 related to peripheral vision loss.

Elder Care with Medical marijuana for Glaucoma

 Before dwelling into the treatment aspects of Glaucoma you need to understand the legal and safety aspects of using Marijuana for Glaucoma for seniors in the USA. The federal and state laws allow five medical uses of Marijuana, which also include treatment for Glaucoma, though it is not officially recommended by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

  • According to senior ophthalmologists at the Assisting Hands Houston, the primary benefit of using medical marijuana for Glaucoma is to decrease the excess intraocular pressure. Cannabidiol is one of the most recommended forms of medical marijuana which is considered to provide quick relief from pressure for the seniors.
  • Medical marijuana is also useful for preserving the integrity of the retina. This is known to protect the entire region from internal damages caused by the intraocular pressure in the initial stages before the reduction in pressure.
  • Overall blood pressure is also reduced considerably by the medical marijuana. Assisted living with good vision and healthy eyes is said to be made possible by the controlled usage of this drug.

Pros and Cons of Marijuana for Elder Care

  • There have been many arguments and counter arguments over the usage of marijuana for Glaucoma in elders. One of the counter arguments is that the drug causes considerable drop in blood pressure and significant increase in the heart rate. However the supporting proofs to show that these two negative effects have caused any serious medical threat are nearly zero.
  • One of the reported benefits by the medical experts is that the flow of blood in the optic nerves gets normalized. Moreover the drug also improves the quality of blood flow, thus improving the vision. Many of the senior glaucoma patients have reported marginal improvements in their vision quality after being treated with this drug.
  • Cannabinoid is also known to streamline the flow of fluids within the eye region. The blockage gets cleared and the fluid flow between cornea and the lens is restored to normalcy. This is considered to be one of the biggest befits of the drug.

Assisting Hands Houston for Elder Care

Making the Cannabinoid available for seniors with Glaucoma could be expensive and time consuming. This process has been streamlined to significant levels by the Assisting Hands Houston by organizing the supplies to various glaucoma treatment centres all over Houston and the surrounding regions.